Bridge Sauce – 6 Pack


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Those of you who have had the Bridge Sauce and are reading this right now are surely jumping for joy! Finally, what you have been waiting for…The Bridge Sauce available online! For those who haven’t had this amazing creation, let’s describe it for you. It’s a creamy ginger garlic sauce we put on our Bridge Bagel at Kejara’s Bridge – now The Redheads Cafe and Tasting Room, our restuarant of 18 years. The Bridge Bagel and The Bridge Sauce, are the most popular menu items hands down. It is our signature dish and now you can have it at home! It’s great in or on eggs, potatoes, tofu, chicken, bagels, pasta… you find something to put it on, and it will taste great! It is packed with protein, local goodies, and sun dried tomatoes…and it’s creamy, but non-dairy so it’s fine on the waist line!

RECIPES using Bridge Sauce:

Bridge Bagel

Sweet Potato Toast Breakfast with Bridge Sauce

Turkey and Bacon Sandwich

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 11 in